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We have multiple opportunities you could get involved in and gained a valuable experience and learn about the operations of a charity!

Join our activities

Are you passionate about sports? Singing? Crafts? Or any other talent and skill - we love to work together with inspiring people who can lead community sessions and help boost our integration into our local society. So get in touch if you have any ideas of how to enrich our lives!

We also have multiple activities running all year long, some are seasonal and can change from time to time, some are more permanent, but nevertheless there's plenty of opportunities to join something fun and educational. Check out our activities section to find out more.


There are also many ways that you can lend us a helping hand! As a charity, we rely a lot on volunteers to make our operations as smooth and successful as possible. You can help with content creation, information and event poster making or even organising and running of events. Do reach out if you think you'd love to help us grow!

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