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Here you can find out about some of the activities we've been organising, both past and present. Get in touch if you're interested in any of them!


Kundalini yoga

We started working with our wonderful teacher Veejay 3 years ago and continued online during the pandemic. We aim to resume in person sessions in the near future and everyone is welcome to join!


Creative English classes

We ran this workshop for a few months and it was a hit! In addition to teaching us english, the amazing teacher taught us how to create beautiful paper-rolling art works!

Private Parties

Sports days

Every now and then we like to get together for some active family fun outdoors! 


Therapy sessions

We work together with a fantastic therapist, who can help you when you're in need to get though stuff together with a professional. The therapist communicates in both - Latvian & English.


Nordic walking

Thanks to the wellbeing funding we received we were able to offer people the chance to get active and in fresh air, with nordic walking poles and tips from specialists.

Corporate Events

Floristic classes

This was another form of our wellbeing sessions. It was wonderful to see beautiful floral creations getting made in a friendly and supportive environment with an enthusiastic teacher.


Healthy living classes

We learnt about the importance of nutrition and how to make different healthy foods from a variety of cultures, the sushi masterclass, for example, was a big hit and very educational!


Arts sessions

We love to get creative in many different forms. Be it helping to put together an exhibition, having a go at a literature class or exploring different art styles and learning about great Latvian artists. Many of the classes are taking place online.


Family days

One of our strongest values is strong families. We organise different family friendly events, such as outdoor activities, excursions and concerts. We are also here to support the most needy families and make sure they have access to proper education, healthcare and opportunities to take part in activities.


Youth events

We believe that our youth is our future with their bright and creative ideas. We aim to create a safe space for youth to express themselves and get any support needed, especially young girls. We have created international events, where Latvian youths in the UK work on  cultural projects with the youths in Latvia. We're also organising cultural and language immersion camps for children and young people.



Being a musical nation, we love organising musical events. We recognise many local talents and give them the opportunity to grow and practice their skill on our stages. We also like to invite popular guest musicians - local and from Latvia itself. 

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